At Pam Hirst we support our customers through each stage of the purchasing process and are proud to extend our services to help our customers find the best mortgages on the market working in partnership with Blue Crocodile.

Situated in the same building as Pam Hirst, the relationship between Blue Crocodile and our property experts enables us to provide much of the key information required to start the search for a great mortgage.

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Enjoy the benefits of an Independent Mortgage Expert working alongside your estate agent. 

Property Improvement Loans

If you are looking to rent out your property, but need to carry out work to ensure it meets with the high standards of tenants, the team at Blue Crocodile can also help with home improvement loans and commercial funding.

Please contact the team at Pam Hirst for more information or visit for more information.

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Taking a fresh approach – the team at Blue Crocodile Money get to know your situation before sourcing the best value mortgages from across the whole market.

Combining this information with our experience and resources, we are able to ensure the best deals from trusted financial institutions, which can save customers hundreds of pounds.

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